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Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning is a comprehensive customized service which helps organizations plan for success. This may consist of reviewing or establishing a vision and mission statement. Assessments are completed to analyze the organization's current internal and external environment as well as its vision of the future. Next, the organization establishes goals, measurable objectives and strategies for how these measurable objectives can be accomplished. Retreats are often used along with additional processes that engage all stakeholders. The Aycock Group often creates a written strategic plan in collaboration with the organization.

The Aycock Group knows from experience that the strategic planning process is as important as the outcome.
  1. All relevant information needs to be shared, assumptions should be tested and the reasons for ideas need to be explained.

  2. All voices need to be heard and understood.

  3. All people in the entire organization need to be committed to the strategic plan. The Aycock Group does not believe that the typical term "Buy In" is enough or the right approach. "Buy in" implies that decisions are already made and others simply need to get on board. The Aycock Group instead believes in the term committed to. Being committed to means that people participate in the creation of, are invested in, and passionate about their outcomes.
Collective Impact
The Aycock Group has extensive experience providing facilitation and leadership for Collective Impact projects. Collective Impact describes numerous organizations and sectors working together with a common vision to solve social problems.

Retreat Facilitation
The Aycock Group specializes in facilitating annual retreats or retreats or meetings on specific important topics.

Economic Development Strategic Planning
This is a customized service that is similar to strategic planning. The Aycock Group assists counties and cities in creating a common strategic vision for economic development with goals based on a multifaceted approach in the three main areas of economic development: business recruitment; business retention and expansion; and business creation and entrepreneurship.

Board Development
This service is customized around improving communication and effectiveness of boards. It often involves ensuring that the board and senior leadership understand their mutual expectations and are aligned to accomplish organizational goals.

The Aycock Group helps organizations develop Management by Objectives ( MBO) systems to help implement their strategic plans.

Community Visioning
Community Visioning is similar to strategic planning; however, it involves several organizations or communities. The process will insure that the relevant organizations are engaged in the process.

The Aycock Group
The Aycock Group
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